The Pop Realist's Weekend: October 14 - 17

My teenage self is freaking out right now; not only because two of his favorite bands are playing in town this weekend, but because I probably won’t go see both of them. Calm down, young Mark; you’re an old man now.


First up is Superchunk (above), the Chapel Hill, North Carolina band that made indie rock feel fun at a time when the rest of the bands on 120 Minutes made life seem like a beautiful bore (Jay Mascis, I’m looking at you). “Hyper Enough” was my soundtrack through those last days of high school (though I could never find a copy of Superchunk’s albums at my local Musicland, so I mostly just hummed the chorus to myself and tried to send telepathic messages to Matt Pinfield to play the video again). The band plays tonight with (insane openers) Teenage Fanclub and Telekinesis at the Showbox Market. Percentage chance I will actually go: 78.


Next is Everclear, the first group that I listened to that girls in my class thought was cool. If I had known what I was doing, Art Alexakis and company could have possibly gotten me laid. Considering that I was actually 16 when the most potent of the band’s albums, Sparkle and Fade, came out, I am pretty happy I didn’t know what I was doing. Still, Art Alexakis could wear a pair of Doc Martens like nobody’s business and could rhyme couplets about his deadbeat dad a hell of a lot better than Ugly Kid Joe (I actually have no idea what Ugly Kid Joe was singing about). The band plays a sold-out show at Columbia City Theatre. Percentage chance I will actually go: 32.


You know what’s sad, young Mark? I’ve never seen the Murder City Devils live. Seattle rock royalty and I’m supposed to be a Seattle rock critic. Sad. Your future girlfriend loves them, so I think we might just make this show at the Showbox Market. Percentage chance I will actually go: 68.


If I do not go to the Murder City Devils show and instead spend Saturday night, I don’t know, updating my fantasy football lineup, I will most likely wake up early and refreshed and head to Pravda Studios up on Capitol Hill for something called Co-opapalooza that starts at 10am and features the wonderful pop orchestrations of the guys in Hey Marseilles, all of whom I expect will be wondering why they agreed to play a show on a Sunday morning. I will wonder too, but most likely from my bed. Percentage chance I will actually go: 8.