The Cover

When faced with the task of creating this month’s cover, photographer Andrew Waits knew just one thing: if City Arts hoped to avoid the clichés suggested by a “drinking issue” (martini glass with a splash, anyone?), he was going to have to do something fun. When I told him that this month’s subject would be sequin-friendly pop exhibitionist Lisa Dank, Waits knew he would have a willing subject. He quickly got to work creating the boozy fortress of solitude you see on the cover. “I started asking around for bottles as soon as I could, hoping to benefit from the New Year’s Eve excess,” he recalls. “Luckily, my pal Tracey Cataldo, who works at the Stranger, was kind enough to donate to me about forty empty wine bottles that she had sitting around.” The rest of the bottles were emptied by the dedicated Waits. •

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