Editor’s Note: The Area Code

It’s fitting that this month’s cover subject earned that spot by virtue of his love and appreciation of this city. Fice might not be the most well-known emcee in the Northwest (yet), but he is certainly one of the most ballsy, opting to stake the future of his music on the future of the community that brought him up, rather than take the easy way out. As Todd Hamm discovers in his story about the twenty-seven-year-old wordsmith, Fice is befuddled by the lack of love that some of his fellow emcees show the T-town.

The story of Fice is precisely the type of tale that City Arts was created to tell. For exactly four years now, we have been providing Tacoma artists with a platform to show the community what it has wrought. In the last year alone (the amount of time I have worked at City Arts) we have put a spotlight on forward-looking filmmakers, brilliant street dancers, an architect with a political mind, long-forgotten cartoon icons, letterpress heroes and much more. As the pages of City Arts have revealed, the city is rich in culture, and Fice is right to give the town its proper due.

We will continue to do the same ... just with fewer curses.

Mark Baumgarten
Executive Editor

Photograph by Andrew Waits for City Arts.

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